Claire Conley, M.A.


Claire Conley graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2012. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude in Psychology with minors in Anthropology and Italian. As an undergraduate, Claire worked with Dr. Thomas Merluzzi in the Notre Dame Laboratory for Psycho-Oncology Research, analyzing spirituality and religiosity in cancer patients. Her work resulted in the revision of the Cancer Behavior Inventory (CBI) and the addition of a psychometrically sound subscale measuring spiritual efficacy. Claire also received an Undergraduate Research Grant from the University of Notre Dame, allowing her to conduct additional research with collaborators at the University of Rochester. There, her research focused on the effectiveness of psychostimulants for the treatment of cancer-related fatigue and depression in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. In the fall of 2012, Claire began her graduate studies at The Ohio State University. She received her Master's degree in the Spring of 2014. Claire's current research is primarily concerned with psychological adjustment to the diagnosis and treatment of advanced and recurrent cancer, as well as the development of interventions specific to the unique needs of this population.

 Curriculum Vitae