Postdoctoral Researchers 

The postdoctoral position provides exceptional mentorship within a productive research environment. The postdoc receives training that facilitates career development and his/her growth as an independent investigator. The postdoc is fully involved in ongoing grant projects, data analyses, and manuscript preparation. 

In addition, several unique opportunities are available. Training begins with designing a curriculum of methodology, statistics, and/or any content remediation. The quantitative area in Psychology and Biostatics in the School of Public Health are strong, and postdocs readily avail themselves of course offerings.  Postdocs may also submit a grant application to fund a project tailored to his/her interests and within the context of the lab's ongoing projects. The postdoc will have the opportunity to conduct and manage his/her research grant with the full support of the laboratory. This includes trained data collection staff, administrative and fiscal management personnel, data management personnel, Ph.D. level statistical consultation, and many eager, bright, and successful graduate students and undergraduates with which to work. Postdocs also mentor a graduate student on a specific project, as this is an essential skill. 

Mentorship is also offered during the initial year or two for an assistant professor/beginning investigator. Mentorship of assistant professors can be one of the critical success factors in academia. As requested by the trainee, this includes mentorship for initial grant submissions, for example, and other assistance (e.g., identifying local mentors, reviewing manuscript submissions). For trainees interested and in-need, this plan offers a time-limited continuation of mentorship designed to be maximally useful during his/her transition years.

Announcement of postdoctoral positions occur regularly as announcements in journals and newsletters, posting on relevant list servers, and word of mouth. Dr. Andersen also regularly receives inquiries from students across the country and abroad. Inquiries at any time are welcome.