Recent Publications 

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Romito, F., Goldzweig, G., Cormio, C., Hagedoorn, M., & Andersen, B.L.  (2013).   Informal caregiving for cancer patients: Current US and European experiences.  Cancer, 119, 2160-2169.

Wu, S.M., Yang, H.-C., Thayer, J.F., Andersen, B.L. (2014). Association of the physiological stress response with depressive symptoms in breast cancer patients.  Psychosomatic Medicine. Psychosomatic Medicine, 76(4), 252-256.

Andersen, B.L., DeRubeis, R.J., Berman, B.S., Gruman, J.,  Champion, V., Massie, M.J., Holland, J., Partridge, A.H., Bak, K., Somerfield, M.R., & Rowland, J.H. (2014). Screening, assessment, and care of anxiety and depressive symptoms in adults with cancer: An American Society of Clinical Oncology guideline adaptation.  Journal of Clinical Oncology, 32(15), 1605-1619.

Thornton, L.M., Cheavens, J., Heitzman, C., Dorfman, Wu, S., & Andersen, B.L. (2014). Test of mindfulness and hope components in a psychological intervention for women with cancer recurrence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82(6), 1087-1110.

Brothers, B.M., Carpenter, K.M., Shelby, R.A., Thornton, L.M., Frierson, G.M., Patterson, K., & Andersen, B.L. (2015). Dissemination of an evidence-based treatment for cancer patients: Training is the necessary first step. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 15(5), 103-112.